What a Dragon Should Know (Dragon Kin #3) by G.A. Aiken

What a Dragon Should Know - G.A. Aiken

This is once again another great book from Aiken.  


You have Gwenvael the Handsome, who is probably the most fun-loving of all the dragons (or maybe Éibhear).  No one took him seriously.


We also meet Dagmar Reinholdt, also known as The Beast.  People don't realize she is a girl and the youngest child of Northland warlord The Reinholdt until they meet her in person.  She is quite the strategist and the brains behind her father.


It was great to watch these two come together.  Dagmar is so different from most heroines we meet in PNR stories.  She isn't a looker, but yet she has a presence about her.


The story is fascinating as they meet a goddess.  Fight the lightning dragons.  There are some major emotional moments, the most we've ever seen in this series.  The laughs are still there and surprises are in store.