Cole’s Redemption Audiobook by J. D. Tyler Review

Cole's Redemption  - J.D. Tyler

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This is the fifth book in this series. If you’ve read my previous reviews for this series, you know that I’ve been a little iffy about this series. I’ve really enjoyed many of the characters and I love the idea of former SEALs turned werewolves. The psychic gifts are a nice original touch. I like the different characters like the Fae prince, Blue and the gremlin. The stories have just never pulled me in that last bit. I think this one did pick up a bit. The author focused more on the the arc of the overall series and less on gratuitous sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sex scene in a story, I read a ton of erotica, but these stories just didn’t do it for me. This story was better.


Here we have Zander Cole, the Alpha Pack’s healer. He was injured in an earlier book and lost his hearing. Zander has had a hard life. His father treated his healing ability like a curse and treated him like a freak. He has a very sweet nature, where healing others is more important to him than even his own health.


Selene Westfall, the commander’s estranged daughter, is convenience that her father killed her mother and then ran from their pack. She has come to the Alpha Pack territory to get revenge on Nick. She has tons to learn about her past and her father which she barely knows. She also has her own psychic gift that she was not aware of.

My biggest beef with this story, in particular, was the healing that was done to fix the hearing issue with Zander. It wasn’t believable to me and was fixed to quickly. This was something that really drove me to want to read this book and the resolution to this issue just didn’t pull me in.


The ending of the story pulled me in as it got me really wanting to read the next book in the series even though I’ve only been giving this series 3 flaming hearts or so across the entire series. This series amazes me how I’m pulled in to read each new story even though I’m overly impressed with each individual story. The series as a whole pulls me in. This is a series where the secondary characters are better than the main characters in each story.


I liked the narration better in this story better than the ones in the past. I have no idea why, but it just seemed better to me. Maybe it was that I liked the story a little more, so it pulled me in more. I don’t think the narration made the story better or worse.