Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark #9) by Kresley Cole

Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole

I love how Kresley Cole writes this series.  The timelines all overlap with one another.  This story actually starts before books one starts.  You get glimpses into the other stories of the past and even see something that you might not understand the significance of at the time you read this story, but you figure out more when you read the next story.  Since this is a re-read, first time listen for me, I'm noticing many of these things.  That is not to say that you are lost when you read the books.  You just see more and more as you go through the stories.  And because of this, it is best to read the stories in order, even though the books aren't really told in chronological order, but you are not lost if you read out of order.


This story, we have, Garreth MacRieve, the reluctant acting king of the Lycae who sees a valkyrie while playing a game of rugby with demons.  While researching her, he finds out little more than she is the best archer in the world.  She rarely misses, but feels unbelievable pain when she does miss.


Lucia the Huntress, is very secretive about her past.  Little is known about her, including who or what her mother was.  She is best friends with Regin the Radiant, who is also her sister valkyrie.  They are rarely, if ever separated.  Regin is the only one who really knows about her past.  Well, her and Nix the Everknowing, because Nix knows pretty much everything if she can remember it.  Lucia is celibate and worships the goddess Scottie, which only Regin and Nix know why.


Together MacRieve and Lucia travel to the Amazon to hunt down the only weapon that can kill a god.  They have quite an adventure through the jungle, seeing animals so large you wouldn't believe they were real.  


Robert Petkoff's narration is great as always.  Especially, since MacRieve has a Scottish accent, which is my favorite.  He also does a wonderful job with the voice of Cromm Crauch, who is the god that Lucia is trying to kill.