Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler

Listening to audiobook.


Alpha Pack is a great idea.  You have former Navy SEALs with psychic gifts turned shapeshifter.  What a great one, two punch.  Kira is a human who works at a genetics lab.  She is rescued by Jax who is part of Alpha Pack going on a weekend bender with his friends in Vegas.  After she is rescued, by Jax, the pack mates get back together to take her back to HQ.


This world has more than just shifters.  Alpha Pack has a group of prison or mental ward type cells where they’ve contained beings they deemed too dangerous to live with the humans.  There is a fae prince, a gremlin, shifter who can’t or won’t return to human form, just to name a few.  Kira sees them and takes them all on as a project to try get to get them rehabilitated and released.  We learn that she is an empath and can sense if someone means harm, which helps her to figure out these “prisoners”.


The shifters in this world have fated mates. This is a little different from most “fated mates” you meet in other stories, who are pulled together from the their first meeting.  In most stories mates may not have the will to go on with life without their mates.  In this world, once a pair of mates are together, they must complete their bond or one or both of them have a physical reaction of severe pain and eventually death.


It took me a little bit, but I enjoyed this story and think it has great potential.  I find the characters in the Pack and their coworkers at the compound to be interesting.  I want to hear their stories.  Even more than them, I want to learn more about the for prisoners that have been held that the compound.  I think they will have great stories to tell.


The narrator did a good job.  You can really tell a difference between each of the characters by the voice that she uses.  Her tone is always very serious.  I really wished she would’ve picked up the snarkiness of some of the characters a little better, but overall a good narrator.