Audiobook Review: Where the Wild Things Bite (Half-Moon Hollow, #5) by Molly Harper

Where the Wild Things Bite - Audible Studios, Molly Harper, Amanda Ronconi

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I always love when I get a new installment from Molly Harper. She is a favorite author of mine. Tie her with Amanda Ronconi as the narrator and I’m in heaven. They are a perfect pair to make me laugh.


This story is a bit different from previous books in the Half Moon Hollow series. While this is not the first time we’ve had characters who are not part of Jane Jamison’s gang, this is the first time we’ve had them outside of Half Moon Hollow. Jane and the gang do have appearances in this story, but not as much as what we normally see. That doesn’t make the story any less fun.


Anna Winthrop has a very rare and priceless book that she need to return to Jane. She had it to authenticate it was the real deal. Anna, who is a bit of an introvert and germaphobe, decides that this package is too important to just ship it back, so she is going to deliver it in person. She goes from using antibacterial wipes to clean the area around her on the plane, to trudging through the backwoods of Kentucky after her crazy pilot crashes the plane.


Finn Palmeroy is not a new character in the Half Moon Hollow series. He isn’t very well liked though. He is a bit of a conman. He was a conman in life and that didn’t change after he was turned into a vampire. It just gave him a new group of people to con. He is also not much of a woodsman. He is out to help Anna Winthrop through the backwoods of Kentucky and is going to help her deliver her package back to Jane. I’m not a big fan of the “men who change because of a woman” trope. I just don’t believe that it is a real thing for the most part, but then this is a book about vampires, so I can’t gripe too much about realism. I do think he cares about her, so maybe he will try to be a better person so as not to disappoint her. Who knows.


This book was fully of the sarcasm and shenanigans that I expect with any Molly Harper story. This series is one that never ceases to put me in a good mood. It is a little bit of action, some romance and full of chuckle worthy humor. I always love my time with the gang from Half Moon Hollow.

I was trapped in the bluegrass version of Deliverance. With a vampire.
Worst. Case. Scenario.


This is one of my favorite audiobook teams. I don’t read any of Molly Harper’s books, I must listen because Amanda Ronconi does such an amazing job with the narration. She really brings out the snark in Molly Harper’s stories. If you haven’t tried Molly Harper’s stories on audio, I can’t recommend it enough. Amanda Ronconi is perfect for this series.


**I like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.