Review: Love at First Roar (Grayslake #4) by Celia Kyle

Love at First Roar - Celia Kyle

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Isaac Abrams is the Grayslake town healer. While he loves the town, clan and family, he just can’t take the pity looks any more. In a fight with werehyenas that took place in one the first book, he wouldn’t allow anyone to tend to his own wounds until he was done healing everyone else that needed it. It left him scarred. Now, everyone in the town sees nothing but the scares. He wants nothing more than to have a family like his brothers have, but he will never get it in Grayslake where people still remember what he used to be. So he is going to move to a new territory to help that territory’s aging healer.


Kira is a half weremole (this a new shifter for me). She is half-blind and has a good for nothing guide dog. She grew up in a terrible territory where she wasn’t treated too bad until she turned eighteen. Then things changed. Her half-brother started torturing her. She became the guinea pig to test the poison that the shifters were using on the other shifters. When she was finally able to run, she ran to Grayslake. Good thing too, since that is where she meets her mate.


This is yet another book in this series where either the hero or heroine (or in this case, both) are damaged in some way. The author likes to write stories about how her characters can overcome these issues and still have that happy ever after. She also likes to write about how outside prejudices can affect both the hero and heroines in her story, and how it is even worse when it is family showing those prejudices.


Ty, the clan leader and the oldest brother of all the heroes in these books, has been quite the jerk in several of these books. He either hasn’t stood behind the brother that was hero of that story and let another brother treat the heroine poorly, if not do it himself. Well, that comes to a head in this story when the Abrams’ mother and father spend more time in the story. They chastise their sons for how they are treating the others. They almost lost their youngest son in the previous book and they aren’t about to go through that again.


I like how this author takes on tough topics such a prejudices with a sense of humor that isn’t tasteless. She has done this in pretty much every book so far in this series. I’ve really enjoyed them. I don’t feel like I’m being preached to about these topics. It does make me stop and think about how these things happen even within family. I’ve really enjoyed the stories.

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