Audiobook Review: Roadside Magic (Gallow and Ragged #2) by Lilith Saintcrow

Roadside Magic - Joe Knezevich, Lilith Saintcrow, Hachette Audio

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This is the not the first series that I’ve read from Lilith Saintcrow. I read and really enjoyed both the Jill Kismet and Dante Valentine series. I read both of these before blogging, so I don’t have review. I also read them before I was such the audiobook junkie so I haven’t tried them on audio yet, but I would like to revisit the series sometime on audio. This Gallow and Ragged series just isn’t for me. I listened to the first book and thought it was okay. I decided to pick up the second book because many times the books get better for me throughout a series.


For me, Roadside Magic just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I actually DNF this story at 65%, which left 3 hours and 10 minutes left. I rarely DNF any books, but I really just wasn’t feeling this one. I even tried to speed up the narration so that I could get through it quicker.


In this story, Robin is running from both Summer and Unwinter. Jeremiah Gallow is trying to hunt her down to protect her from both. Robin is worried that Gallow just wants to protect her because he is trying to bring back her sister and his former lover.


The addition of Pepperbuckle was interesting. He was a dog-like fae creature that is tied to Robin. I couldn’t tell you exactly what kind of fae he was. There was a lot of creature and fae names dropped about and I couldn’t keep them all straight.


I will say that the dialogue was much easier to read. There were bits and pieces of action, but these scenes didn’t hold through. Who knows, maybe I would’ve enjoyed this more if I had re-listened to Trailer Park Fae for a refresher. I don’t think this is a bad story and I definitely don’t think Saintcrow is a bad author, this series just isn’t for me. As I said above, I’ve read two series from this author before, which I loved. I just haven’t done a lot of series where fae are the sole characters of the series, so maybe this just isn’t my thing.


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