Audiobook Review: Spiral of Need (The Mercury Pack #1) by Suzanne Wright

Spiral of Need (Mercury Pack) - Suzanne  Wright, Jill  Redfield

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This story is a spinoff of Suzanne Wright’s Phoenix Pack series. If you read that series, you will remember the Mercury Pack when Shaya and Nick came together to become the alpha pair of the Mercury Pack. There is also the enforcer couple of Marcus and Roni who are now spending half of time with each pack.


Derren owes a friend a favor and he always repays his favors. Especially when said friend is a psychopath that will be released from prison very soon. He isn’t very excited to learn that the favor it to take in a female seer shifter into the pack because she is having issues with her current pack. The Mercury Pack is not a fan of seers, so this is not going to be easy.


Ally has been jumping from pack to pack. She thought she had a good thing going in her current pack. She was very happy with her boyfriend until his mate shows up. Then his mate starts lying about her and setting her up. Now she is up for attempted murder.


Pretty much everyone in the Mercury Pack treat Ally like crap from the get-go because she is a seer. Shaya is the only one who is nice to her. Even Derren isn’t nice to her. He is supposed to be protecting her, but he does the absolute bare minimum to keep her safe. Ally does eventually win over the pack.


This is pretty much everything I expected from a Suzanne Wright book. It was very sexy, hilariously funny, with lots of action. There were many visits from the Phoenix Pack. Even Greta, Trey’s grouchy old grandma, makes an appearance. Dominic was available with his cheesy pickup lines.


Personally, I don’t know that this should really be called a spinoff, but just another book in the Phoenix Pack series. I don’t think you would be completely lost without reading the previous books, but there is an overall story arc that does flow over both series.



Jill Redfield does another bang up job with the narration of this book. I really love how she brings out the humor in this series. She does a great job with all the different voices, both male and female. I love her pacing and tone. I was so excited to hear that she continues to narrate this spinoff series.