Review: Dark Night of the Soul by Kitty Thomas

Dark Night of the Soul - Kitty Thomas

This is a completely new take on dystopian vampire erotica. In this world that Kitty Thomas has built, the day last 1000 hours and the night last 1000 hours. Helene spends her days working and stockpiling supplies so that when night comes, her and her sister can hide in the safety of their home. That is until her sister figures out that she counted wrong and doesn't have enough meds to make it all the way through the night. Helene being the provider that she is, decides she can make it to the pharmacy and back in time. However, she is very wrong.


It is very early that we learn that the laws of this land are completely different from what we are used to in today's society. During the day, anytype of civil disobedience is not tolerated. However, during the evening, anything is fair game. Helene get kidnapped and taken to a mansion on the outskirts of town. Gabriel, who is head of the household and of the town, is intrigued by this woman and her will to protect her sister, even though she really has no will to live herself.


Gabriel offers to ensure that Helene's sister will get her meds, if Helene will just spend the entire night with him. He is convinced that he can make her feel again. He takes her to a dungeon where he beats her to make her cry, the first time since her parents died. He makes love to her and just overall makes her feel again.


Things really take a turn when Gabriel is forced to go to another city, and takes Helene with him, to stomp out a rebellion of humans trying to wipe out the vampires. Helene sees that maybe here town wasn't so bad after all. Each city is run completely at the whims of the head vampire.


Kitty Thomas has a great knack for writing deeply psychological stories. While I would never want to be one of the heroines in any of this author's books, I do love the emotion that she pours into the characters. While yes, there are sex scenes, they are not overly detailed or gratuitous like some erotica novels. There is more story than sex to this book.


Kitty Thomas leaves me with my mind blown after each and every read. I highly recommend this book to people who are willing to try something darker, but well written and wonderful characters. This story is written as a stand alone.