Review: Seduced by the Storm (ACRO #3) by Sydney Croft

Seduced by the Storm - Sydney Croft

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I continue to enjoy this series. It is a pretty erotic PNR that hints at X-Men. There is also a ton of action and suspense that goes on in this series. In this one, Ms. Croft (who is Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler), has more than just the main couple for this story, we have a lot going on with several couples. ITOR, the bad guys, have a weather machine and have created a category 5 hurricane heading directly at New York City.


Wyatt is an ex-Navy SEAL. He also has some telekinetic abilities. He is currently working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to attempt to take the weather machine from ITOR. He also has the ability to seduce anyone he wants, but they don’t remember having sex with him. His body releases pheromones that make him irresistible. He is not a fan of his power because he doesn’t have much control of it, especially the women waking up not remembering the sex with him. That is until he meets Faith in a bar and takes her back to the hotel and she remembers everything.


Faith is an agent with a much smaller agency in the British Isles, one so small that ACRO doesn’t even know it exists. It is very much a surprise that they are both after the same computer that runs the weather machine. Wyatt wants to destroy it, but Faith believes that it can do good in the right hands. Faith has her own telekinetic abilities that are very rare.


While I really enjoyed the romance and storyline of this book, it is the overall story arc that keeps pulling me back to this series. I love the suspense that continues between ACRO and ITOR. It isn’t the same in every book, with different characters and different powers. Each one has their own problems to solve. The secondary relationships in this series is great too. Creed and Annika’s relationship really makes big strides in this book. Plus Dev, I love Dev and his story is so heartbreaking in story.


Because of the secondary relationship stories and the overall story arc, I would recommend reading this series from the beginning. It is a great paranormal romance that leans more towards erotica. Don’t let that make you believe that there isn’t action, because there is plenty of action, there are plenty of steamy sex scenes too. I’m excited to get to the next book. I’m also sad that I’m now halfway through the series. I don’t have that many of the books left.


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