Review: All In (Sin City Collectors #5) by Amanda Carlson

All In: A Sin City Collectors Novella - Amanda  Carlson

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The Sin City Collectors is a interesting series of novellas by a several different authors. Each story can be read as a stand alone paranormal romance story. They are set usually in Las Vegas, hence the the Sin City name. The books do not have to be read in order, but characters from previous books to make appearance in future books, but they are as supporting characters, so it is more like a cameo.


The collectors are a group of paranormal bounty hunters. They are given a mark, a paranormal creature that has done something bad, and must be brought in for trail and sentencing. Throughout the series, we have seen creatures from Hellhounds, vampires, werewolves, witches, and even a gargoyle. This story focuses on a werewolf and a succubus, female sex demon.


Luke is a werewolf who has a history with sex demons, one killed his father. He has an intense hatred of them. However, he is trying to help Ginger to find her brother who has been inducted into a incubus cult. Their father really hated his own kind and took that hatred out on his kids. Their mom pretty much didn’t do much parenting, so their upbringing was not a fun time.


While I’ve really enjoyed this series, this book wasn’t as good as some of the other books. Ginger’s own hatred of her kind, that she doesn’t even realize she has, makes me not like her. Luke is a great guy, who despite his past run ins with sex demons, really is willing to do whatever is necessary to help Ginger.


This is a novella, so it is quick read, but the characters are very well developed. The romance is face-paced, but that is expected with a novella. So far, my biggest complaint about the books is that I love the characters so much, I wish the books were longer so that I could spend more time with each character. If you are a fan of PNR or UF, and are in the mood for a quick, fun read, then this is great series for you.



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