Hunted by a Jaguar (Eternal Mates #4) by Felicity Heaton

Hunted by a Jaguar - Felicity E. Heaton

Hunted by a Jaguar is book four in the Eternal Mates series.  This is another fast-paced, steamy story as I've come to expect from Felicity Heaton. The world that Heaton has built just continues to get stronger.  We have another kickass heroine paired together with alpha male hero. They are perfect for each other, but it takes both of them a while to figure that out.


Kyter is a half jaguar, but he doesn't live with his pride. He left them a long time ago. He was never accepted as part of the pride and his mother was shunned because of his birth, or more importantly, who his father was.  He now lives in London and owns and runs 'Underworld', a bar that caters to supernaturals that we saw in Kissed by a Dark Prince. He is a great character that you can't help but root for with the troubled past that he has had and how he has overcome it to make a life that he is happy with.


Iolanthe is a mercenary/treasure hunter and an elf.  She is on the hunt for an artifact for an extremely dangerous man.  If she doesn't bring him the artifact soon, she is going to lose her head.  Kyter just happens to be looking for the same artifact.  Kyter needs this artifact to summon a demon for revenge for his old village and he death of his mother.


Kyter and Iolanthe are an interesting couple.  Iolanthe is a very free spirit and really values her independence. Jaguar society have very submissive women, which is not Iolanthe.  This is one of the reason that she fights against the attraction to Kyter from the beginning. Kyter has to learn to fight his nature if he is going to woo this woman.


This is a book that you could read without having read the previous books in the series, but as I'm a big fan of all the books, I would highly recommend just starting at the beginning and meet all the great characters that Heaton has given us. I was really excited to have a shifter added to this world. If you are a fan of paranormal romance or urban fantasy, this is a series you should really try. Felicity Heaton has intriguing characters, that are not perfect, but are very real.  The world and plot are alway amazing. Can't wait to get into Craved by an Alpha.

**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.