I’m Melanie and I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. I will read contemporary romance on occasion, but not often. I will occasionally throw in a biography, usually autobiographies of people that I find interesting. Listening to autobiographies that are narrated by the author have been great in my experience.

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Outfoxed by Love (Kodiak Point #2) by Eve Langlais

Outfoxed by Love (Kodiak Point Book 2) - Eve Langlais

This book was even better than book one.  This series takes place in Alaska in the town of Kodiak Point, which is inhabited mostly by shifters.  The hero of the first novel is the alpha of all species of shifter and is a Kodiak bear who mates a human turned polar bear.


In this book, it actually starts with an event that happens about three-quarters of the way through book one.  Jan, our heroine of this book and an Arctic fox, and book one's heroine crash the truck.  Jan is on the run from the enemy and has shifted to escape better on foot.  She is not a girly girl at all, even though everyone seems to think she is.  Her father taught her how to hunt, not just as a fox, but with guns.  She is as wily as her shifter beast would suggest.


Boris, is the right hand of our alpha.  They met in military.  Oh, and Boris is a moose.  Don't let the fact that he is an herbivore make you think he isn't an alpha.  He is totally an alpha.


This is a great shifter PNR story.  It has suspense, humor and sexiness. Langlais does a great job with not only the main characters, but the side characters, as in the families are hilarious.  I highly recommend this series to all shifter fans. I would also recommend that you start with book one of the series.

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As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride - Cary Elwes, Joe Layden, Rob Reiner

The amount of work that Cary and Mandy Patinkin put in for the sword fighting scene is amazing.  They practiced for months.


Also a great story about Andre the Giant passing out in the hotel lobby, drunk after drinking like four bottles of wine or something.  The hotel couldn't figure out how to move him, so they put velvet ropes around him and just left him.  He woke the next morning and went home.


I'm loving this book. I think I will have a new appreciation for the movie after listening.

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As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride - Cary Elwes, Joe Layden, Rob Reiner

First thing that comes to mind while listening to Cary Elwes read this, "Unlike other Robin Hoods, I can speak with a British accent."

Gray Bishop (Cornerstone Run Trilogy #2) by Kelly Meade

Gray Bishop - Kelly Meade, Kelly Meding

I loved book one of this series and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book, though I'll be honest, I was more excited to get book three.  The story of the white wolf and the tragedy that Knight has gone through really made me want to read his story.  My real goal was to get through this one to get to the next.  Boy, I was mistaken.  This story was amazing and gives new meaning to tragic.


This story picks up right where book one leaves off.  Cornerstone is trying to recover from the attacks from the hybrids.  The loupe garou have it tough recently.  One town is completely gone with a single survivor. Another lost more than half it's numbers.  They at least know now what they are facing and what their enemies are after.  That will make things easier, right? WRONG.


Our heroine of this book is Jillian Reynolds, the daughter of the Springwell alpha.  She is a widow and a black wolf.  She is set to be the next alpha female for Springwell, but she needs to find a nice black wolf male to mate and replace her late husband.  Problem is, her wolf really likes Bishop McQueen, the eldest son of the Cornerstone alpha. 


Normally, gray wolves wouldn't become alpha, but since it looked like there wasn't going to be a black wolf in the McQueen family, as Rook was born many years later and didn't shift for even longer to see that he was black, Bishop was being groomed to take over when his father retired.  It then seems that things are in the air as to whether Rook or Bishop was going to take over as alpha.  However, in the previous book, Rook takes a mate that is not loup garou, he cannot be alpha.  That puts future alpha solely back on Bishop.


It seems that no matter how much Jillian and Bishop's wolves insist that they belong together, it doesn't seem like it will be possible as they both have separate runs that they need to lead.  Tragedy happens and things change for all involved.


The story that is told here is so enveloping that you get lost in the pages and the world of the loup garou.  The story is dark, very dark.  There is so much death and despair, that we are starting to get numbers like Game of Thrones.  There is a sadness that made me go get the tissues. It is a great story and you can see how the characters over come the tragedy that is laid before them.


I highly recommend this series for shifter fans who are not opposed to violence and sadness in their stories.  All that sadness is worth the great story and character growth that comes from tragedy. 


I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Visions - Kelley Armstrong

"A gang leader's son and the serial killers' daughter walk into a police station"  That does sound like a "walk into a bar" joke.

Red (Transplanted Tales #1) by Kate SeRine

Red - Kate SeRine

I got this book as a limited time special free purchase from Amazon.


This story has a very interesting premise.  You have literary characters showing up in real life.  Red, is Little Red Riding Hood (bet you didn't see that one coming).  This reminded me a lot of the TV show Once Upon a Time.  This does include a wider selection of characters, including Dracula, Mr Darcy, Juliet and The Grim Reaper.


The story has promise, but I was never entranced in the story.  I don't really love the characters, but I don't hate them.  I do like the world that is built around them.  I will be checking to see if I can find the other books through the library.  I would like to see if the plot and character development get better.

The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies #1) by K.J. Charles

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

I picked up this book as part of the Wizard's book club put on by @WizardBooks (who is the fabulous author Tiffany Reisz). She doesn't write PNR, but loves wizards and hence started this book club.  This was the first book and I'm so glad she picked it.  I don't know think I would've found this one on my own.


This book had great characters.  Our first hero was the black sheep of his predominate family.  Normally that would make you a bad person.  Well, Lucian was exiled to China from his English family because the family was not so nice and Lucian didn't fit with their ways.  When both his father and brother die, Lucian inherits not only their land and title, but also their enemies.


Stephen Day comes to help Lucian with some of his magical problems, but isn't real happy about it.  After all, the Vaudrey family has done some pretty bad things to the Day family.  There is an uneasy attraction between Dan and Lucian from the get go, but with people trying to kill Lucian does put a damper on things.


Also, there is Merrick.  He is a secondary character in this story, and I have thing for them.  He is Lucian's servant.  He is very loyal to Lucian, but there is no romance or anything between them.  I LOVED Merrick.  He was my favorite character, by far.


This story has it all.  The plot is suspenseful.  The characters are intriguing and lovable.  The banter between the three men is hilarious.  The sex between just the two is hot.  This book was a page turner.  Thanks again to Tiffany Reisz for pointing me towards this book.  I will be looking for book two.

The Witch with No Name (The Hollows, #13) by Kim Harrison Audiobook Review

The Witch with No Name (Hollows) - Kim Harrison

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at


4.5 stars for story

4.5 stars for narration

4.5 stars overall


Title: The Witch with No Name (The Hollows 13)

Author: Kim Harrison

Narrator: Marguerite Gavin                                   

Publisher: Harper Audio


Length: 17 hours 28 minutes

Publication: 9/9/14

Genre: UF

Heat Level: Hot


**No Spoilers


I can't believe it is over.  I've been reading this series for the past six plus years.  It was one of the first series I started not long after I really got back into reading a lot.  It will be really weird not having Rachel, Jenks and the gang going forward.  Ending a series can be tough.  I've read several series where I've thought that the ending didn't do the series justice, that was not the case with The Witch with No Name.


Harrison wraps everything up really well.  Throughout the entire series, Rachel has been trying to figure out how to save the undead vampire souls.  That storyline continues into this book.  We learn a lot more about the history of the elves, demons and the war between the two species.  There is also more on surface demons, undead vampires and the Ever After.  All your questions throughout the series are pretty much wrapped up nicely, but not easily.


The vast majority of characters that we've fallen in love with make an appearance in this book, some more than others.  Trent, Jenks, Bis, Ivy and Nina get the most page time.  Newt, Al and even Dali see a good about of time with Rachel, too.  I would've like to spend more time with David.  I always liked him and wanted to see more of him throughout the series.  Even Ellasbeth is back, yuck.  


My one complaint, I wish the last chapter was title "epilogue". It took me a second to figure out what was going on, because there a large jump in the timeline for the last chapter.  It was a small thing, but I would have understood the time jump much quicker with a different chapter title.


This is one of my favorite UF series of all time.  Rachel is a great character, even if she is always in trouble.  Jenks is my FAVORITE secondary character in all Urban Fantasy series.  He really brings so much to the story.  He is loyal, loving and adds tons of comic relief.  He never allowed Rachel to get down on herself.



The narration was great as it has always been.  Marguerite Gavin does a great job with both men and women's voices.  She always shows the proper emotion for the scene she is reading and her pace is perfect.  Once  again, Jenks is my favorite.  She gives him a high-pitched voice of a pixie, but still masculine, which has got to be difficult.  How she can say, "Tinks little pink dildo" with a straight face and in that voice, I'll never know.  I also love Al's voice.  "Motherpussbucket" is another word that is hard for me to say with a straight face.  I'm really glad they have been able to keep her on for the full series (except The Outlaw Demon Wails, which is book six).  I will be looking to see what else Gavin has narrated to see how I like her in other series.


Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) by Jim Butcher Audiobook Review

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at


3.5 stars for story

3.5 stars for narration

3.5 stars overall


Title: Storm Front (Dresden Files #1)

Author: Jim Butcher

Narrator: James Marsters                                 

Publisher: Buzzy Multimedia Publishing Corp.


Length: 8 hours 1 minutes

Publication: 6/10/09

Genre: UF

Heat Level: Warm


I read this book many years ago, but never picked up any other books from the series.  I have no idea why.  I enjoyed this book.  I have heard so many great things about the series and even the narrator, so I decided that I should give it a try on audio.  I did go back to listen to book one because it had been so long, I knew I would never remember what was going on the series.


Harry Dresden is a wizard.  He is even listed as one in the phone book.  He helps his clients with magical problems.  He is a consultant for the Chicago PD.  Things get a little hairy when Harry has to help investigate magical murders where he could be one of the prime suspects.


Dresden has to help protect the public from some pretty weird magic.  He has to do some things he isn't happy about.  He loses the trust of one his few friends.  He has the governing council of wizards after him.  Things don't look good for him.


Overall, I enjoyed this story, though it didn't set my world on fire.  I'm definitely intrigued and want to see more of what is going to happen to Harry Dresden.  Is he able to heal some of the relationships that he damaged in this book?  What other crazy cases does he end up working.  I love police with magical twist, so I think this has a lot of potential.  I have already requested book two from my library, there is a waiting list for it.



You might recognize the name, James Marsters.  He is also known as Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show.  His narration was different than what I am used to, but it worked for this series.  He had a bit of a guy next door voice for Dresden and there was some breathing and sighing that would normally annoy me, but seemed like something Harry Dresden would do, so it fit.  I would like to see Marsters do a better job with women's voices, but there are not a lot of women in this series, so far, so it wasn't too bad.


The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny, #1) by Jeaniene Frost Audiobook Review

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at


3.5 stars for story

3.5 stars for narration

3.5 stars overall


Title: The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny #1)

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Narrator: Tavia Gilbert                                  

Publisher: Blackstone Audio


Length: 8 hours 21 minutes

Publication: 8/26/14

Genre: New Adult/UF

Heat Level: Warm


When I heard that Frost was writing a new series, I was all over reading it.  Then I heard that Tavia Gilbert was narrating, so I knew I would be listening to this.  While I enjoyed this book, it was no Cat & Bones story.


Ivy has been seeing things her entire life.  She always thought they were hallucinations. She finds out that they are real and her life is turned upside down.  She is the last of a bloodline that allows her to see these demons.  She runs into Adrian who offers to help her find her sister.


Adrian is also the last of a bloodline, but his bloodline gives him a fate that is not a good thing.  He has been fighting his fated future for a while and it only seems harder when he meets Ivy. He knows that he is going to betray Ivy and has tried to convince her to stay away from him.


There is an impossible romance between Ivy and Adrian.  While we have the fast-paced action of trying to find Ivy's missing sister, there is a lot of world-building as we learn along with Ivy about this world of demons, angels and humans with exceptional bloodlines.  Ivy makes new friends along the way.  There are also some losses, as well.



I love Gilbert's narration of the Night Huntress series and the other books from the Cat & Bones world.  She really fits those characters really well.  However, I just didn't get into her portrayal of these characters as much.  I don't think she got Ivy's naivete. I did like some of the characters voices. I think that I could get use to the narration as I get more into the story.  It wasn't bad, just not as good as the Night Huntress books.


Gravity (Mageri, #4) by Dannika Dark Audiobook Review

Gravity - Dannika Dark

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at


This series continues to get better and better.  If you read my last review of this series, you saw that I thought book three, while good, felt a little bit like a filler book.  The story didn't really seem to progress much.  That is not the case with book four.  


While we have Silver and Logan's relationship building to ever more levels, a former nemesis of Logan's named Tarek shows up and has revenge on his agenda.  His plan is to take Silver and make her his mate.  He wants to hurt Logan as much as possible.  Since Logan took Tarek's fated mate, because Tarek didn't want her, Tarek feels that taking Logan's love would be great revenge.  He threatens all of Silver's friends if she doesn't comply.


We also have a relationship brewing between Justus and Page, who was Silver's healer.  She is not affected by Justus's gift. As a charmer, women are drawn to him.  He never knows if women truly like them or if it is just his gift.  He finally found someone who he knows likes him and the good news is that he was attracted to her before he figured this out.


We continue to learn more about Silver's heritage. This story also brings Sunny, Knox and Adam back into the story.  Christian, Silver's vampire guard who I love, plays a very large role in this book.  There is tons of happiness, but not without tragedy, so have your tissues ready.


There is one more book in this series before we end the world of Silver and her friends.  This has been a great journey.  I can't wait to see where it ends.  So far, each book has been better that the last.  I'm really hoping that we can end this series with a bang.



Once again, I think Nicole Poole is good choice for this series. She continues to bring forth the emotions of the characters, of which there are many in this story.  Great job with both men and women.  I love her voice of Christian, who has a large part in this book.

I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.


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Immortal - J.R. Ward

The end of the series, but I expect we will see some characters in future BDB books.

Reading progress update: I've listened 129 out of 647 minutes.

Immortal - J.R. Ward

I know that Jim is wearing a Hanes T-shirt because I've been told twice.  But I don't know what brand of jeans.  How can I move forward in the story without this information?

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Gray Bishop - Kelly Meade, Kelly Meding

I need White Knight NOW!

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