Diamond Dust (Takhini Wolves #3) by Vivian Arend

Diamond Dust (Takhini Wolves) - Vivian Arend

The series title is a little misleading for this book.  While, yes, it is still part of the same Takhini Wolves series and takes place in pack territory, the hero is a bear and the heroine is a human.


I haven't read a lot of bear shifter book, but I love the ones that I have read and this one is no different.  


The bears in this story are voting in new leadership.  They are converging in Takhini Pack territory where Tyler meets Caroline.  Caroline has recently broken up with the pack alpha, because he has smelled his mate.  She knew this day would come and that her situation with him was temporary.


Bears do not have fated mates like the wolves.  Tyler doesn't want a wife.  Even without the fated mate thing, we have an instant connection between Tyler and Caroline.


This is another great addition to the series.  A great combination of humor, sexiness, characters, world building and plot.  Overall, a great series.  Can't wait for book four.