Already Freakn' Mated (Freakn' Shifters #3) by Eve Langlais

Already Freakn' Mated - Eve Langlais

Can you imagine if you knew you had a fated mate out there somewhere, only to find him/her and find out that this person is married to someone else?  This is what happens to our hero, Chris.


Chris has always been a player.  He isn't about to give up when he finds out his mate is married.  He has a feeling that there is trouble in that marriage.  He tries to weasel his way into to quality alone time with "Jill", away from her husband, "Jack".  


Chris is a brother to heroine of book one and one of the heroes of book two.  I love his family.  His family is a lot of fun.  They are really funny and don't take crap from anyone.


Jiao, aka "Jill", is running from her past with her brother/husband, "Jack".  They are very secretive, not wanting to stand out before their former captor will come looking again.


This series is a cute, fun, and sexy series.  Don't look for it to have great world building, but the characters are fun. If you can just take the series as a fun, light-hearted read, you will enjoy. I've already purchased the next three books in a bundle on my Kindle.