Black Rook (Cornerstone Run Trilogy, #1) by Kelly Meade

Black Rook - Kelly Meade, Kelly Meding

4.5 stars


This is the first of a new werewolf PNR series by Kelley Meade.


I loved this book. I loved that the werewolf lore is different from anything that we've ever read in the past. Here, black wolves are born alphas. White wolves have a calming power to the pack (think Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs if you've read it). Then there are grey wolves, which is where the vast majority of the population lies.


The weird thing in Cornerstone, is that Rook is born a black wolf after his brother, a grey wolf, has been training to be alpha for many years. Grey wolves can be alphas, but usually only if a black wolf isn't available.


Our heroine is a mage and they are enemies of the wolves. She goes to Cornerstone to confront Rook after she had a vision of him standing over her dead father covered in blood. She quickly learns that Rook had no plans to kill her father and that there was a misunderstanding. But a mage and vampires appear to be killing packs. They must work together to save everyone.


Can't wait to read book two and even more, book three. I really want to read more about the white wolves.