Defying Pack Law (Pack #1) by Eve Langlais Review

Defying Pack Law - Eve Langlais

This is a world where there is not a lot of female werewolves, so the men share them. This type of relationship works for some groups and not for others. Each family handles it differently as well. Some, each man has his own room and the woman changes which room she sleeps in. Others where they all sleep together in one happy family. 

Dana came from a not so happy situation. Her father not only shared her mother with the other mates, but whoever was visiting at the time. it was not a consensual situation. This made Dana not want to live in the lifestyle. She runs away from the pack when she was a teen so that she is not passed around like her mother.

Her high school sweetheart once was willing to do what the pack required of him, and share Dana. But that was why he lost her. Now, when he's found her again, he isn't going to lose her again. For Dana, it is too little, too late. To get back at him, she picks three other potential mates, per pack law.

Not a bad story. Not my favorite story by this author. I just don't think it had the humor that I normally expect from this author. The menage scenes were great. There is no m/m action, all the guys focus on her.