Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Speak of the Devil, #3) by Patricia Eimer Review

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Speak of the Devil, Book 3) (Entangled Edge) - Patricia Eimer

This is a cute series where our main heroine is actually the daughter of Devil and a hippy witch. She has a sister whose ex-husband is an incubi. Her brother is the anti-Christ, son of Lilith. Oh, and he is engaged to be married to her best friend, who he turned into a demon. She is pregnant with his kid. God is her uncle and Jesus is her cousin. Her boyfriend is currently an angel and not just any angel, but he is now the leader of angels.


There is action, as Faith has to fight to keep the Angel of Death's powers, that she doesn't want, but has to keep from the evil, power-hungry archangel. There is also a ton of humor. For example, the baby to be born was call AC 2.0, for Anti-Christ 2.0. Faith's mom calls Lucifer, Louie. When Jesus get frustrated, he says, "in my name."