Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling, #13) by Nalini Singh Audiobook Review

Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh

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If you told me when I first started this series years ago that I would like a book between two Psy, I would've thought you were nuts.  Now, we've had two full Psy couples in a row and I think this might be two of the best books in the series.  I think watching the cold, unemotional, purely silent Psy come into their feelings makes such a great story.


In this story we have Vasic, who is an Arrow on the verge of destruction.  He is probably the most powerful and meticulous TK-Psy on the Net.  He is also has a limited amount of time left.  He has had a self destructive streak there for a while.  He volunteered for a highly experimental gauntlet, which he uses for communication, data and even as a weapon. The problem is that it isn't function exactly as expected and is starting to malfunction.


Ivy has lived her life thinking she was flawed.  She was never fully silent.  Her parents sent her to be "rehabilitated" when she was still a teenager. It almost destroyed her. They moved her out into a quieter area to protect their daughter, knowing that it was not possible for her to ever be truly silent.  When Vasic shows up at her little haven, one part of her sees him as the assassin that he is.  But another part of her saw more in him.


Vasic seeks out Ivy because she was part of the little know E designation.  The hope was that the Empaths will help the PsyNet will recover from the infection that is causing chaos sporadically across the globe.  The Arrows decide to bring several of the strongest E's together to see if they can determine the best way to fight the infection.  


While this book was between two Psy, we do get to see some of the changelings, just not as much as in past books.  We also see a lot of the other Psy in the series, including Aden, Caleb, Sasha even Anthony Kyriakus.  Alice Eldridge has a large part in this book too, but then that is no surprise with E-Psy being such a large part of this story.


I really loved learning more about the Arrows and E-Psy.  We also get a deeper look into Vasic.  We even meet a family member of Vasic's who was around pre-silence.  It was great to meet someone who knows what is going on with the Psy before silence.  The relationship between Vasic and Ivy is very fun to watch.  The way that Singh describes each part with such great detail, you really feel like you are living it.  This book is another winner from Singh.


When I first started listening to this series a few years ago, I wasn't sure that I like Angela Dawe.  I thought her voice flat.  The more I've listened to her, the more I think she fits this series really well.  She does a great job with different voices for the different characters.  She always does well with both men and women's voices.  The biggest issue I've had at times is getting her to put that emotion into the story. Sometimes, I think it is just the Psy thing, but I think she could put more emotion into the changelings.  In this book, I think she really great job showing emotion with Ivy. You could almost see her smiling and laughing at times.  I didn't like how she made the dog bark.  It was too deep for such a small dog, but the dog doesn't bark a lot, so it wasn't that big of a distraction.

I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.