The Key (The Dark Path #2) by K.T. Grant

The Key (Dark Path Series #2) - KT Grant

The Key is book two in the Dark Path series by K.T. Grant.  This book is not one I would recommend reading without reading book one first.  In fact, I really wish I had read book one again before starting this one. I had intended to, but just ran out of time. I really enjoyed book one and wanted to get immersed in the world again before starting this book.


We pretty much start about eight months since the end of book one. Erika has moved to New Orleans with a friend to get away from all the drama (and the two men) that was part of her life in New York. She wanted mostly wanted to get away from everything that happened in the first book.  She not only is she trying to recover from the many things that were thrown at her, she is also in the process of writing, what she expects to be a best selling erotica novel.  She is hoping that this will help save the publishing company that her father built.  It is putting more pressure on her than just a regular book release would on an author, as if that wasn't enough.


Catherine talks to Max, that she is going on an extended vacation in Maui.  She plans to go back to her Master, who she has been avoiding for months.  Her hope is to be back in New York in less than a year. Catherine has a lot to work through with her Master, from their past and from what has happened while they were apart.  She gets much more page time in this book, which I was really glad to see.  I loved reading her story.


When Max and Erika get back together, he has a real hard time not being the over dominate man that he Dom side wants him to be.  But Erika, is not the same timid girl he first met.  She is much more independent, than the timid woman from the beginning of the series.  That makes things much harder for him, because she doesn't want to take his word as law.  It causes many problems with this relationship that is just starting to be rebuilt.


Overall, I enjoyed this book just as much as book one.  It has some great plot lines between the different characters, there is pretty much two stories going on, one in New Orleans/New York and the one in Maui.  The characters all have very well developed and very strong personalities.  There are some very strong BDSM and menage scenes, which were very well written.


Like book one, this book ends abruptly. I was not real happy with where the story ended.  I'm not a fan of cliffhangers.  I can't believe I have to wait a year for the next book (book three is hopefully coming out in 2015, not sure exactly when). I can't wait to see where this story goes next.


This series is great for readers who like reading the BDSM and menage stories.  The characters are damaged and have a lot of healing to go through, so it is not just sex on the page.


**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.