Forbidden (Preternaturals, #5) by Zoe Winters Review

Forbidden (The Preternaturals) - Zoe Winters

This is book five in the Preternaturals series by Zoe Winters.  While you can read this book and follow along without reading the previous books in the series, I highly recommend reading the other books, just because I enjoy them.  Not only are they as good as this one, you also get the backstory to characters.  There was also a short prequel to this story, Dark Mercy, that Ms. Winters was gracious enough to include because it was so integral to the plot of this story. Since both were included in this ebook, I'm going to include both stories in my review.


This is the story of a nun turned vampire, Angeline.  She was turned by a very bad vampire who didn't treat her with kindness.  When the prequel starts, Angeline has escaped him after years of his torment and the torment of his friends.  Angeline is lost and lonely and looking for a kindred spirit.  She comes across Father Hadrian.  What a better soulmate than another man of the cloth.  She turns him without his consent, just like she was.  Needless to say, he was not happy about this.  When all is said and done, he locks her in the sun for the day.


We start book five and "Forbidden" finding out that Angeline didn't die, but was ascended.  They made her into an angel.  You would think as a former nun, she would be ecstatic by this turn of events.  Being an angel isn't all that its cracked up to be.  She has yet to get over Father Hadrian.  She spends a ton of time watching him from Heaven.  


When Angeline shows up to warn Hadrian that the angels plan to side with humans in the battle to destroy all paranormal creatures. she seeks to get forgiveness for turning him many years before.  She is willing to do anything to get this forgiveness, including giving him her forbidden and powerful blood.


This story brings back all the character we saw in the first four books, plus a some new ones.  While this story isn't the most action-packed or suspenseful PNR book I've ever read, it is still a good story with an interesting plot.  The characters have personality.  The story is well written, as I would expect from reading this series.  There is mild BDSM, but this isn't an author jumping on the bandwagon.  If you've ever read her other pen name, Kitty Thomas, you know this is not her first foray into the BDSM world.