A Kiss of Blood (Vamp City #2) by Pamela Palmer Review

A Kiss of Blood - Pamela Palmer

This is one of the darkest UF series I've ever read. The most of the vamps are evil. They feed not only on blood, but on emotions (fear, pain and pleasure, there is even talk of joy). Even the vamps who feed off pleasure and joy are evil as they for things on the humans and still kill them without thought. Just like with anything though, not all the vamps are evil. Their is one that fed on pain, but while magic still worked, he spent his time in the ER of a hospital, so he could feed on pain without causing it.


There are werewolves who need meat to survive, but with magic failing they have a very limited supply of beef and pork, so they've moved to humans and even vampires. They have found that if they are careful, they can feed from the vamps without killing them and that they will continuously regenerate the meat that they need.


Our main character, Quinn, is a sorceress who the vamps are depending on to renew the magic that is destroying Vamp City. Problem is, she doesn't know how to renew the magic she has spent her entire life hiding.


I really enjoy the dark aspects about this story. I wish this story had more of the action and suspense that book one had. This one did have more on the relationship between Arturo and Quinn. The stories for both Zack and Lily are still up in the air. It will be very interesting to see where they go. I can't wait for book three.