Beyond Jealousy (Beyond, #4) by Kit Rocha Review

Beyond Jealousy (Beyond, #4) - Kit Rocha

I've loved this series since I read the first book, Beyond Shame, when it first came out a little over a year ago.  Kit Rocha is a new pen name for the writing pair also known as Moira Rogers.  I was not familiar with them before I started this series.  I loved the idea of the dystopian world they have created.  You have Eden, which is supposed to be a utopia and the different sectors which are played out as being evil, poverty and immoral. Each sector has it's own unofficial leader.  This series takes place mostly in Sector Four, which is lead by Dallas O'Kane and is gang.


In this book, we have Rachel whose family still lives in Eden.  Her father brews beer which he sells to the O'Kanes and in return, he bootlegs the O'Kane liquor into Eden.  She sacrificed her life in Eden because someone had to fall, and she wanted to protect her family, but found a new one with Dallas and the gang, but was always treated as everyone's little sister.  She wants to prove to everyone she has grown up and that she is as wild as everyone else in sector.


Lorenzo Cruz is another from Eden, but he was raised as part of the military.  He has had a hard time breaking from the training he has lived under his entire life.  To him, nothing is more important than the mission and that love is nothing but a distraction.


Ace Santana is the local tattoo artist for the O'Kanes.  He has a reputation with women.  He grew up on the edge of Eden and even lived in it a while, though not legally.  He spent a lot of his life as a prostitute to the wives of people in Eden.  He was known for giving artwork to these wives and ruining marriages.  He has convenienced himself that he is no good for anyone.


Ace and Cruz have both had a thing for Rachel for a while.  They have both also been with a woman together.  Rachel has had a thing for Ace from the time she met him.  When Cruz appeared, she started spending time with him.  Cruz doesn't really know how to be with a woman.  The three of them together are magic.  I don't know if they could ever be together without all three of them.  It is not just that the men love Rachel, but they love each other, too.


There has been someone knocking off O'Kane liquor and trying to sell it as the real stuff.  Dallas does not take kindly to not only being cut out of the loop, but an inferior product being sold under his name.  It appears that maybe Rachel's family is involved.  There is also a possible war between the sectors.  This book is action packed as the O'Kanes have to fight to keep what is theirs.  Full of hot sex (as if there was any doubt that would happen).  And some wonderfully sincere scenes that will really tear your heart out.  


This is an extremely fun and erotic series.  While this book can be read without starting from the beginning, you will be missing the backstory of many of the secondary characters.  All the books in this series to date have been an extremely fun ride.  I highly recommend that you start the adventure from beginning to get the full sense of the world that the O'Kanes live in.  


If you are into audiobooks as I am, book one and two are out.  I've listened to book one and have purchased book two and plan to listen soon.  Book three will be available March 17th.  I don't know when this will be available on audio, but I hope the wait won't be too long.


*ARC provided by author for honest review