Swallowing Darkness (Merry Gentry #7) by Laurell K. Hamilton Audiobook Review

Swallowing Darkness - Laurell K. Hamilton

Another relisten for me.  This book has a different narrator than the rest of the series.  I have no idea why, as they go back to the original for the next book.  I don't mind this narrator.  She didn't do a bad job, I just don't like it when they change narrators in the middle of a series, especially for just one book.


A lot happens in this book and we are back to less sex scenes, I'm assuming because Merry is already pregnant.  She starts off the book with the death of her grandmother, the woman who helped raise her and the person she considers her mother in name.  She has to face off with her biological mother, who is not a very bright person.  She finally sleeps with the goblin twins and gives them their Sidhe powers.








She gets crowned by faery not once, but twice.  Once by the Sluagh mound and once by the Unseelie mound.  She finds out Cel killed her father.  She kills Cel.  Both her and Doyle give up the Unseelie crowns to get Frost back.  A very busy book.