Short Story Spinoff from the Cut & Run Series

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux

This is a spinoff of the Cut & Run Series with Ty and Zane. It focuses on Kelly Abbott and Nick O'Flaherty. This story falls in line right during Touch & Geaux (book 7). Kelly is injured and Nick goes home with him to help nurse him back to help. Kelly shows interest in the fact that not only has Ty come out to the group of Marines that he is gay, but Nick has as well. Kelly starts asking what it is like kissing a guy and things move really quickly from there.


While I love the Cut & Run series, I haven't found the spinoffs to be nearly as good. They aren't bad, but without Ty and Zane as the main characters, it just isn't the same. It was great to read this as a filler while I wait for Ball & Chain (book 8), which is less than a month away.


Would also like to thank Felicia at Geeky Bloggers Book Blog. Her contest for #BookBlogWalkers not only gave me a great book to read, it got me motivated to get moving more.