Fury of the Demon - Diana Rowland

When this series first started, I really enjoyed it. We had a small town cop who also summoned demons. It was a great story and the author's background as a former cop and morgue tech really added a lot to the story. The past couple books in this series, we have gotten away from the cop aspect of the story, as the main character, Kara, has spent most of her time in the demon realm. As the investigations was some of my favorite parts of this series, I really missed that in the last book and feel that it was lacking in this one as well. There is a small short scene where she is now a "civilian consultant" for the FBI, but it really just a side note to the story.


I also have a hard time with the her relationship with Mzatal in this book. After what Rhyzkahl did to her in the last book, how could she put so much trust another demonic lord so quickly. There are a ton of revelations that take place in this book that I can't comment on without giving away spoilers. I think this book could've been shorter. It is probably the longest book in the series to date and it is a little slow in places which makes it hard to keep going. I will continue with this series to see where it goes, but hope that the next book picks up the pace.


This is the first time I've listened to a book in this series without reading it first. I’ve done a re-read/listen to book one last year with the intention of doing the entire series before this book came out, but just ran out of time. I really liked the narration. She really brings the characters to life, and there are many characters, several of which are not humanoid. She does a great job bringing forth the arrogance of the demonic lords, the emotions of the humans and the weirdness of some of the other demons. I will probably stick with listening to this series going forward.

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