Book Blog Walkers 2014 Challenge

Book Blog Walkers 2014 #BookBlogWalkers


I've decided that I should sign up for the #BookBlogWalkers Challenge as I was already working out 4-5 days a week.  I'm hoping that this will push me to 6 days a week.


I have a FitBit that helps me track my steps each day and I will say that I'm embarrassed at some of my totals, other days I'm really proud.  What can I say, it is either feast or famine for me with exercise.


January - Total 121.77 miles

February - Total 118.76 miles

March - Total 102.54 miles

April - Total 104.84 miles

May - Total 109.18 miles

June - Total 90.61 miles

July - Total 83.89 miles

August - Total 121.07 miles

September -