Savage Awakening Audiobook by J.D. Tyler (review)

Savage Awakening - J.D. Tyler

This story follows the Alpha Pack of former Navy SEALs turned werewolf as they try to rescue their friend, Aric, who was kidnapped in the first book. Rowan is the sister of a fellow member of Alpha Pack, who is presumed dead or missing.  She is also an LAPD officer and learns that she is a dreamwalker, just like her brother.


I think this book is better than the first.  I think things are just more believable and the writing is better.  The characters continue to develop as the overall story arc is played out.  I do wish we got to see more of the non-shifters in the group, though I believe we will see more of that as the series moves forward.


Aric is very much a “guy’s guy”.  He is got an ego the size of Manhattan and can be an all around ass.  He has some very dark secrets that he hasn’t shared with his pack.  This causes a ton of guilt and bad feelings between him and the rest of the guys, Jax especially.  I’m still amazed that he even considers to blame Jax for his capture after we learn about his secrets.


Rowan is very much a bad ass.  She grew up in the bad part of LA and continues to live there as a cop.  She has a ton of street cred, which means a ton in those parts of LA.  She starts off the book in a really bad place and is forced to take leave from the force for a period of time.  This does allow her to go searching for her brother that she doesn’t believe is dead.  She does take to the fact of shifters and psychic powers very quickly, specifically her powers.


The narration is about the same as in the previous book.  It isn’t bad, but I would’ve liked to have seen more emotion from the narrator.  She is a little monotone.  I’d love it if she made me feel more of the snarky comments that are in the book.

The next book in the series is Kalen and Mackenzie’s story.  I love Kalen, I think he will have a great story to tell.  I want to know much more about his backstory.  I don’t know much about Mackenzie, but I hope her story is good and we don’t have to go through the “learn about the supernatural” part of the story.