Brazen (Otherworld Stories #13.1) ***Spoilers for Thirteen***

Brazen - Kelley Armstrong

***Spoilers for Thirteen***


This is a short story of Nick as he searches for Malcolm with the help of a half fire demon. The werewolves have hired supernatural mercs to help with the search. The mercs don't realize exactly how dangerous Malcolm really is. He may be old, but he is as ruthless as ever. It also seems that experiments that the Nast Cabal tried on Malcolm to make him young longer worked. He might be in his eights, but he can still kick some ass.


The story of Nick is a little weak. It starts off with Nick as the womanizer that he has always been, like most werewolves have always been. He even wakes up in bed with two women. You can tell that he is not overly happy with this existence.


He goes to meet the head of the team tracking Malcolm only to find out it is a female. Vanessa is a workaholic, half fire demon who hasn't done really well in field but is better at managing a team. Vanessa is having a little bit of a mid-life crisis and tries very hard to get into bed with Nick.


I find their love interest to be a little weak and a little forced. I think that they work well as a team, once Vanessa learns that the werewolves were not over exaggerating Malcolm.


I wish the story had more of Clay and Elena and even Malcolm, really. Nick is a great secondary character, but I just don't think he is strong enough as a main character. I also feel that there wasn't much of a great ending to the story. We know that Nick and Vanessa are going to see each other again, but that doesn't mean much long term or just another fling.


This probably my least favorite of the Otherworld Novellas. Usually, I like the look into the other characters, but this one just didn't do much for me.