"Glock, paper, scissors. I win."

Armed & Dangerous  - Abigail Roux

This series has really started to grow on me. I’m loving the narration and listening to Ty and Zan through Sean Crisden’s voice. I’m very disappointed that, at time time, book six and seven have not been done in audio yet. I thought it was very well done. I love this series enough to go back to just reading, and hope that the audio will come soon.

I really like Julian and Cameron. Julian is a former CIA agent that Ty and Zane are being asked to bring in to the FBI for questioning. Cameron is his lover. They are both great characters and really help to make the story one of my favorites of this series. All four of them, Julian, Cameron, Ty and Zane all work off each other in this book to keep things very interesting.

There is a great twist at the end that is not expected. We don’t know who the real villain is until the author wants you to know. It really kept the suspense going.

Favorite quote: “Glock, paper, scissors. I win.” ~ Ty.

I love that Julian has two cats named Smith and Wesson. They are very large cats and hate most people, but they took a liking to Ty. Even Cameron can't pick them up, but they snuggle up to Ty like they're kittens.

If you enjoy cop style suspense novels with some romance to them, then you should give this series a try. Even if you’ve never read a m/m romance before, you should still give this a try. I hope that isn’t what is keeping you from reading this series. It is a great suspense cop style story that just happens to have two male leads that are lovers. 

Best book in the series so far, though Stick & Stones was a closed second for me. I wish the next two books were available in audio. Not sure why they stopped the audios are wonderful, or at least books three, four and five were. I didn't like the narrator for books one and two.

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