Love the world building

Blood Warrior - Lindsey Piper

I'm usually a very character driven reader. Give me a good character and you have a reader for life. With this series, while the characters are good, they are not what makes this series great. I love the world that is built around them. Dragon Kings are one of five types of paranormal creatures that we hear about in myths. In this story, we have a Scottish berserker, Pendray, and an India telepath, Indranan. What is strange about the Indranan, is that they are always born in multiple births and when their gifts manifest at puberty, the siblings feel the need to kill the others to make their gifts whole. This also tends to make the surviving sibling crazy. In this story, our Indranan is one of a set of triplets. Her brother has already killed her sister and now she has been hiding from him for years. He finds her at the same time that she meets our Pendray. He was out to destroy her, but learns that she is not who he thought and wants to protect her from her brother.


I can't wait for the next book to learn about a different group of Dragon Kings. I love learning their histories and gifts.