Don't see what people like about this book.

Would-Be Witch - Kimberly Frost

I thought this would be a light-hearted and funny story. I did not find it as such. I found that most of the characters a little on the stupid side.


I thought that this book made everyone in the southern Texas town out to be morons. I thought Tammy Jo was weak for allowing her ex-husband to continue to control her life even after a divorce. Very much the Southern, small-minded stereotype at work throughout the entire story. The only characters that seemed to have any sense to them were Bryn and Lenox Lyons, who were from out-of-town. This heroine is probably one of the most ignorant characters I’ve ever read.


There is a difference between a heroine who seems to constantly get herself into trouble, but is still strong and smart. Rachel Morgan in the Hollows series is a great example. She constantly makes some decisions that are not always the best, and forced to choose between a bad decision and a worse decision.


In this book, Tammy Jo, just seems like a dumb character who can’t seem to get out of her way and has to turn to her cat to make decisions. You know, I talk to my animals, but I truly believe that this character expected the cat to make decisions for her.


The narration for this book was okay and felt like it went well with the book. The narrator did make the character sound a little on the dumb side, but to me that fit really well with this character. I would be willing to try a different series with this narrator, but I really have no intention of continuing with this series.