It was exactly what I expected from a Skye Warren book.

Don't Let Go (Dark Erotica, #4) - Skye Warren

If you've never read Skye Warren, her books are extremely intense. This series is called Dark Erotica for a reason. This book will probably hit buttons for some people, but I enjoyed reading it. There is violence and some really hot sex scenes. The characters are really deep, which I've come to expect from Ms. Warren.


Samantha is a very broken individual. She helped put her own father in jail at an extremely young age (I think she was 10). He was a pedophile and a killer of small children. He came home with blood on his hands and had even touched her cheek before washing off the blood. This can do some strange things to a small child, even when they grow up to be FBI agents.


She is a junior agent, who up until this point has done nothing more than make copies and fetch coffee. Then she is partnered with a very renown agent to work on an extremely large case for one of the FBI's most wanted. She has no idea why she was chosen, she does eventually find out why she was chosen.


I don't want to say too much. I don't want to give anything away. The plot is very thick. There is suspense and there are some very dark parts. This book can be read as a stand alone, though I would recommend reading the first three books, because it will help you learn more about Carlos and what a bad person he is. They are also great books, but I think this book can be enjoyed if it is read alone. Hopefully, it would encourage you to go back and read the others. Ms. Warren will takes you places you didn't know you wanted to go. Great end to a series.


I do want to say that there is non-consensual sex and some pretty rough slave type situations, so reader beware if you don't like this kind of dark erotica. It will be some of the best dark erotica you will read. Highly recommended.


*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Author in exchange for an honest review.