Tales of the Otherworld (Otherworld Stories, #II) - Kelley Armstrong

This is a re-listen for me.  It is great for me when I'm waiting for my next book to arrive, because I can do just a few stories now and others later.


This has two narrators.  A woman who reads the stories who POV is a woman and a man for stories with POV of a man.  For the longest story in the book, Beginnings, the story of how Clay and Elena meet, it goes back and forth from POV and the narrators change too.  For me it is a little hard to have two different voices for Elena and Clay depending on whose POV we are on at the time.  I get used to it eventually, but I think I would prefer one narrator.


Also, this guy isn't nearly as good at Clayton as the narrator for Men of the Otherworld.  That guy was PERFECT!!