Rapture - J.R. Ward Listening to audiobook.

3.5 stars

I think this book is slower than the previous FA books. I didn't like it as much. I think it is because I didn't like Matthias at the beginning of the book and still don't like him after I finished. I just don't think someone can make that big of a life change because of one woman. Yes, his time in "hell" helped change him too, but I am just not a believer that it only takes a good woman to fix such an F'ed up man.

You do see more of the BDB story crossing over here (more than in the first book). Mels is researching a story of all the missing boys, which can only be boys joining The Omega. I'm still trying to figure out whose house is mentioned at the end of this book. I know it belongs to someone from the BDB series. If we were told (or hinted strongly), I missed it.