Hungry Like a Wolf (Others) - Christine Warren This is a typical book from this series. It is a good story of two very alpha type werewolves each pushing to do what is best for the small pack of wolves in Connecticut. Graham, the alpha for the region sends his beta to see if the female beta will be able to make an alpha, which is extremely rare. There is a bit of a stand off between the White Paw female alpha and the Silverback beta. She is determined to stay alpha and he isn't sure that is the best thing for her or the pack.

There are some good fight scenes and some hot sex scenes. I'm just not sure how I feel about the ending. 1) I saw it coming a mile away. 2) I think that it could have ended in a different manner There was talk that there could be co-alphas. While in the past it didn't work out, I think these two could've made a great team. I think it would'be been better than Honor deciding that she didn't want to be alpha after all she did to keep the spot. With Logan as a co-alpha, she would've been able to lead the pack and still go back to doing the things she wanted. Just seemed like a cop-out to me.