Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Listening to audiobook.

I started listening to this series several years ago and listened straight through books 1-6. Somehow, this series fell off my radar. When I saw it again, I had to add it back to my “to-be-listened-to” list. This is a series that I've never read and only listened. The narrator does a great job with Scottish accents, which is my favorite part. While the stories are good, I don't know if they would be so high on my list without this narrator. His ability to do several different voices and accents amaze me. I would also add, that you can listen to this as a standalone if you really prefer, but there are small parts of previous storylines that are mentioned.

Cian is a 9th century McKeltar Druid, who dabbles in dark magics at the insistence of a Dark Sorcerer named Lucian. Lucian traps Cian into a Dark Fae Mirror for a total of 1133 years. The mirror gets stolen from Lucian and sold to a professor, where his assistant, Jessica St. James sings for it at his office.
Lucian is out to kill everyone who knows about the mirror, which includes Jessi. Cian decides the safest place to hide is in Scotland, where they run into other McKeltars, Dageus and Drustan, from previous Highlander Books.

I enjoyed listening to this book. It is nice to see the devotion and tenderness that the old world Scots show to their women. The one thing that did turn me off, is that Jessi is a virgin. She is a 24 year old women in college to get her Ph.D. I'm just not a big fan of the whole virgin thing. Also, I just don't see a virgin reacting the way she did to her first "tupping". I think this is a little overused, though it might not have been at the time this book was written. I just don't remember. I will definitely continue with this series. If you haven’t tried this series yet, I would recommend it if you like to listen to great narration, hot romance or a story with a bit of the supernatural.

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