Blood Lust (Preternaturals, #1) by Zoe Winters Audio Review

Blood Lust - Zoe Winters

This book is a compilation of three PNR novellas all by Zoe Winters. The characters do intersect and there is overlap, as you expect in a PNR series. Whether you listen or read this story, you get three romances for the price of one.


Kept is the first novella. It consists of Greta who is a cat therian (another word for shifter), and Dayne, a sorcerer with a very bad reputation. Greta is sentenced to be a sacrifice. Her mother, who is refusing to save her, but helps her to escape and sends her to Dayne for help. Dayne is in a bind because he needs therian blood to go after the head of cat shifter clain, but can't get it from his normal online source. When Greta shows up to his door, Dayne agrees to protect her until the full moon. There are several hilarious moments between the two. There is also many misunderstandings between the two.


Claimed is the second novella in this book. It contains the story between Anthony, a vampire running to be king vampire for the next century, and Charlotte (Charlee) a human friend of Greta. In a drug induced blood lust, Anthony drinks from Charlee and then attempts to wipe her memories, but completely erases her entire memories of herself. Anthony is forced to care for her while trying to win the tournament, to keep it from Lucas who is evil.


Mated is the last story in this book. We meet Jane in Claimed when she is trying to stay alive in the vampire world. She has been able to see vampires for what they really are, which is part demon, since she was a child. Vampires don't like that much. They are also not able to control her mind, like they can with normal humans. Jane is given to the alpha werewolf, Cole, as payment for a debt. We learn a lot about Jane's past, which is truly horrific.


This is a great PNR series. I can't wait to read more. I would highly recommend this series to people who like PNR stories. The sex does exist in these stories, but not to the graphic detail as in many other PNR stories. I don't this this subtracts from the story in anyway.


I listened to this story after reading it. I have to say, it was done well and I enjoyed going back and revisiting the characters. I think the narration is great. He does a great job with not only the different male characters, but the female as well.