Save My Soul by Zoe Winters Audiobook Review

Save My Soul - Zoe Winters

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Save My Soul is the second book in this series, but it is really the fourth story. Book one is really three novellas in one book. This book doesn’t tie in with book one nearly as tight as the three novellas tie together. This book can be read as a stand alone. Really the location and one side character are really the only crossover. Book one does tie in with book three and four. It is a great read, so I would try it if you get a chance, but could also be done out of order with this one.


This book starts off with Anna moving back to the small town in Georgia that she grew up in after her father dies and she inherits all his money, which is lots. Before that, she was working in Atlanta because he had cut her off from his money. When she comes back, she finds a house that she always loved as a child is on the market. She decides to buy it even though, it is said to be haunted. It doesn’t take long for her to learn exactly how haunted the house actually is.


Luc is a demon, an incubus to be exact. He has been trapped in this house for about fifty years when a witch that he fell in love with cursed him. As an incubus, he is not able to have sex with the same women too many times in a row, or he will kill them by feeding too much. Luc’s witch was very jealous of him sleeping with other women (let’s face, I would be too), so she traps him in the house where he is not able to leave. The problem with that, is that he eventually gets so “hungry” that he drains her to death. Now he is trapped in the house without a way to escape. His brother, Cain (yes, that Cain), brings women to the house each night, so that Luc has something to feed from.

Luc doesn’t show himself to Anna for a long time. He “haunts” the house trying to scare her away, to no avail. She hears moaning and thinks is the ghost, when it is really Luc with the girls his brother has been delivering to him. When Anna comes home from a date, that she despised, and said date is overly forceful with her, Luc comes to her rescue and finally shows himself to her. He explains his issue. Cain makes an appearance and tries to force the two together by refusing to bring more food for Luc. Anna’s solution, she gets him a “harem” of prostitutes. This causes tons of jealousy, and why wouldn’t it, but Anna doesn’t know what else to do. At this point, she has yet to sleep with Luc.


There are some humorous sections, but not the level of snark that I’m used to from the likes of Molly Harper or Darynda Jones. It is a much more subtle and quirky humor, but still good and adds to the story. The story is passionate and heartbreaking to read at times. You feel sorry for both main characters as they try to figure out this almost impossible situation they are in.


I enjoyed the narration. I think Chet Williamson did a great job. I enjoyed not only the male, but also the female characters. I had already read this book before listening and I feel his rendition, really added to the storytelling. I’m hoping that the author will get some more of this series done in audio with the same narrator. Currently, just book one and two are recorded, both with this narrator.