Blue Moon - Laurell K. Hamilton I've read this book several times. I've also listened to it several times. There is one scene that gets me every time I listen to this book. It is the scene where Damian and Asher bring Nathanial back from Collin and they are attempting to drink the corruption out of him. They include sucking noises in the story. This is so gross. It is like bad sound effects from a porno. I'm not a fan of sound effects in audiobooks.

I really like this book. One of my favorites in the series. We get more time with Jason, Asher, Damian and Nathanial. We also learn a lot more about pack structure. We get to meet Maryanne, who becomes a large influence on Anita going forward. This is the only book she is in, outside of being on the phone. Anita uses her as a psychic teacher and even a psychologist in some ways.