Frost Burned  - Patricia Briggs In this book, we get to see all the characters we've been missing for a while. While Zee and Stefan, make a small appearance, we see more of Kyle and Tad. We also learn a lot more about Tad and what it means for him to be half fae. We also learn more about Mercy's coyote side. Adam is still a little overbearing for my liking, and Mercy's too, I think. I would like him to start to see, that while he really wants to protect her, she isn't a person to stand around and wait for someone else to save her friends. He wouldn't love her if she just sat on the sidelines or screamed and ran the other way every time there is trouble.

This book isn't without loss. We do lose a very important person to Mercy and her friends. Even if this person was a minor character to the book, this person was very important to the other characters. This character will be missed.