If You Know Her - Shiloh Walker This was the best book of the trilogy, but then everything wraps up in this book. You find out who the killer is (and boy, that was an extremely big surprise, but then I guess serial killers usually are). There are a lot of people who I'm sad because they die in this book and even in previous books. You really get to like characters and then they go and die on you. The worst death to me was in the second book.

I would highly recommend this trilogy to pretty much anyone. The suspense is great. You have no clue who the killer is until the author wants you to know. You read from the killer's point of view several times throughout the series, but it isn't until the author gives a very obvious clue that you learn who he is. Then in the next chapter, she starts using his name and you know for certain.

I want to thank Shiloh Walker for these books. They were provided to me by her from a contest on Twitter. I've read several of her books and have enjoyed most of them. This series really wasn't on my radar, because I normally read more along the paranormal and there is nothing paranormal about this series. I'm so glad that I read them.