Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux I really enjoyed this book. I love seeing these guys with their families. In this story, we start off with Ty and Zane going home to Ty's to help his father rebuild a shed. While there, Zane gets a call that his father has been shot. Zane leaves to go check things out, leaving Ty behind because Ty has no comp time left. You really see a how the couple separated during tough times really makes things harder for them. Zane calls Ty in the middle of the night just to hear his voice. It starts of really sweet and ends with a really hot phone sex scene. Ty pulls some strings and ends up in Zane's doorstep.

I love most of Zane's family. His sister and father are great. His mother, not so much. She is a miserable individual who was more worried about blood on the upholstery than the individual that was bleeding. She is the real reason Zane doesn't want to ever discuss his family.

There is a big cat sanctuary right next to the Garrett ranch. They have tigers missing. The thought is that Zane's father stumbled upon people stealing these tigers. Ty and Zane go to investigate. One of the tigers still in the sanctuary, takes a real liking to Ty. That is really cute.

Ty is forced to ride a horse and he really doesn't like it. His favorite line in the entire book is, "I hate Texas".

This part here really made me laugh out loud.
"How is it that you love cats so much and hate all other forms of animal?"
Ty frowned. "I don't hate all other animals."
"Horses. Dogs. Chipmunks."
"They're twitchy, Zane. And chipmunks have shifty eyes."
"They have erratic flight patterns!"

All in all, this is a great series. I highly recommend it. If you started off listening to the series, I would encourage you to read this book, even though it isn't available on audio. I really hope to listen to it one day. I would love to relive this story.