Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) by Abigail Roux Review

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux

There is a TON of relationship drama between Ty and Zane in the book. Tons of secrets come out on both sides. A lot of hurt feelings. There are some revelations that happen in this story. We get to see a lot of the sidewinder guys, as well as two former lovers of Ty's.

The one thing that amazes me is that everyone that sleeps with Ty, is madly in love with him. He is great to me as a fictional character, but I could never live with him. I would attempt to kill him (I think he would get the drop on me if I tried). I couldn't put up with his secrets and everything else. In these stories, everyone would do anything to be his one and only. That is the only thing that is really bothering in this series.

Well, the other thing that bothers me, is they've stopped the audiobooks. I want more audiobooks. :)