Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I will say that overall I enjoyed this book. I was a little bit disappointed, but I believe that was because the build up was sooooo big. There are things I would've changed. There was too much angst between Blay and Qhuinn. I expected some, but I think it went a little overboard. I also feel that there was too much else going on besides the Blay and Qhuinn story. We also have Layla/Qhuinn/pregnancy, Layla/Xcor, Trez/chosen, Assail/Sola (new character), BoB plotting against the Brotherhood, Assail running his drug ring. I think there is just entirely too much else going on. This book is almost 600 pages, I think it could've been shorten and dropped some of these other plots.

I will say that I like Layla more in this book than I've ever liked her. She really starts to be more than just a blood bank for the Brotherhood. I really feel sorry for Saxton. Everyone knew it was coming, because how else could you have Blay and Qhuinn if Blay and Sax staid together. We haven't seen Havers in many books. He's still an ass. We see the Omega and lessers again along with a new forelesser. There is also a surprise character that returns. Not much Lassiter. I missed not having him in this book. I really came to enjoy him in the last book.

Also, let's not forget the brands. Ward loves her brand names. Wicked Lil Pixie even did a chart, so you can have a list of all the brands listed.

After all that gripping, I did enjoy the book. I still enjoy this series. I do highly recommend this series and this book to anyone who likes PNR. It is still one of my favorites, but not at the top of my list.