Audiobook Review: Beyond Shame (Beyond, #1) by Kit Rocha

Beyond Shame  - Kit Rocha

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This is the first book in the Beyond series by Kit Rocha (a.k.a. Moria Rogers, a.k.a. Donna Herren and Bree Bridges).  This series takes place in a dystopian world after solar flares took all technology on the planet.  Electricity is not stable either.  Eden is supposed to be a utopia, but with all its rules and restrictions, it is far from it.  That is where is find Noelle Cunningham, the councilman's daughter, who was living outside of those regulations.  She is kicked out of the city and dumped into Sector Four to fend for herself.


The sectors surrounding Eden are known for their corruption and crime.  They are run by gangs and street rules apply. Each sector is known for different "specialities".  Sector Four is run by the infamous bootlegger Dallas O'Kane.  He makes the best liquor in the area and makes tons of money at it.  Sector Four is also known for its explicit extracurricular activities.  Nothing is off limits as long as it is consensual.


When Noelle falls at the feet of Jasper McCray, right hand to the head of Sector Four.  Jasper takes in Noelle who is on something and nurses her back to health.  Jasper, even though he is a cage fighter and a thug, he has quite the soft spot and Noelle fits there perfect.  They are perfect together.  He is a natural dominant.  Noelle is a natural submissive who wants nothing more than to experience life.


The characters in this book couldn't be better.  They are hot, tattooed and share well, for the most part.  There are some pretty elaborate sex parties in the sector.  The people in the gang are loyal, sarcastic and cocky.  Once you are part of the O'Kanes, you are one for life. You are even tattooed with cuffs around your wrists to prove you are part of the gang for life.  It also offers you extra protection in the sector.  Everyone knows that if you mess with one O'Kane, you will mess with them all.

The narration is good.  Lucy Malone does a good job with each of the different characters.  I don't think she does a bad job with the men.  She makes Noelle's innocence sound believable.  Each character has a distinct voice. The tone and pace is done well.