Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) - Stacia Kane Woohoo! Terrible.

What a great short story. It wasn't easy to read. The thoughts in Terrible's head are the same way he speaks. It makes you slow down to read, what would normally be a very quick read. In this case, it is well worth it.

We really get a peak into Terrible's thoughts. I just makes me love him even more. He is a lot smarter than he gives himself credit for. I thought it was great to see him so proud of himself for solving the case. It was different to see how he feels about this job and about Bump. We already knew that he was beyond loyal to Bump, but we learn more about it. We also see what goes through his head while he is beating up on people. We also get to see how nervous he is to be around Chess.

Even though this story takes place between book one and two, I wouldn't recommend this book to people who haven't read the series. I think the slang would be too much if you didn't know where it was coming from. Also, to see Terrible from Chess's eyes would be better as well. You would just be so much more familiar with the world that is Downside.

I really hope we get another Terrible POV after they hook up. I would love to see how that changes his perspective.

Kudos to Stacia Kane for pulling this off. I can't imagine how hard it must be to write with so much slang through out this entire book. Kudos to her editor too.