Beauty (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20.5) - Laurell K. Hamilton This is a very short (like as in less than 20 pages) story. I'm a bit upset that the price of $2.99 for such a short. I think it should have either been a free read, like many other authors have done on their sites or $0.99. That being said, this is a typical Anita, Jean Claude and Asher sex seen in the tub. There is a little light BDSM, similar to scenes we've had in the past from Ms. Hamilton. I'm glad to see Asher happy, which is a rare thing. I think we need to see him more with Jean Claude. Anita doesn't always have to be in the middle. Overall, not a bad scene. I will be purchasing Kiss the Dead on June 5. I know a lot of people are no longer fan, but I'm still a big fan of Ms. Hamilton.