Review: Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) by Kit Rocha

Beyond Pain  - Kit Rocha

4.5 stars

Sector Four is alive again. I love this series. The dystopian world of the different sectors is wonderful. When you live a life in this type of a world, you learn the things that are really important to you. In Sector Four, sex, drinking and violence are the main parts of life.

In book three, Beyond Pain, we get Bren and Six's story. Bren is a former MP from the city who was banished and forced to take the blame for his CO. He has become a high ranking gang member for O'Kane. His MP skills have come in handy for Dallas on many occasions. Six was given over to the O'Kanes from a rival gang over in Sector Three. In the first book, Dallas finished off the leader of Sector Two. In book two, was charged by the other sector leaders to clean up Sector Three. Dallas teams Bren and Six up for this clean up. It is a good pair, because Bren seems to be the only one that Six will let anyone near her. Plus, with her background in the sector and his former job, they would work good together to start the ball rolling on the clean up.

Six has some issues with sex and trust from her past. Watching Bren help her through those issues is great. Bren has issues of his own that Six helps him with as well, but they are not as obvious has her issues.

This is probably the best erotic romance series that I've read and this book is no different. I love the world. The guys are super hot, dominate, caring and badass. The girls are super hot, dominate, caring and badass. There is great world building, characters, oh, and let's not forget the sex. They don't hold back in this series. The characters are all about having fun, in whatever fun that comes in as long as it's consensual.

If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend it, but start with book one, Beyond Shame. There are just a lot of backstory that you'll miss if you start in the middle. The first two books are just as hot. You won't regret it.

*ARC provided by the author for honest review.