Wicked Cravings   - Suzanne  Wright Listening to audiobook

Another great book in the series. Not as good as book one, but still a good story. Can't wait for book three.

Small spoiler for book one.

The second installment of the Phoenix Pack series is another fast paced, laugh out loud funny read/listen story. The hero is the Dante, the pack beta, who puts work first and work second. This leaves very little room for anything else. Jaime is new to the Phoenix pack, coming from Trey’s original pack before they split. Both hero and heroine have a troubled past, each in different ways. Their past makes having a relationship together difficult, even though it also makes them perfect for eachother.

As with the first book, it is not only good main characters that make this a good story. The secondary characters are what really help make the story great. Dominic, still has the great one liners, but doesn’t have nearly as many lines in this story as book one. Greta is also there and still as bitter as ever. I would’ve liked to have seen her react differently to this heroine than exactly like she did with the heroine in the first book.

Dante has a bitter ex-girlfriend who is a real pain in everyone’s ass. There is also another ex-girlfriend who really broke Dante’s heart when she left him for his older brother. Jaime has to face both and they both confront her in different ways. Her strength of will is really tested in more ways than one.

The sex was hot. The talk was dirty. Neither were quite as good as book one, but still good. The delivery scene with Taryn was great. The comments from both Taryn and Trey during that scene were hilarious. One of the best scenes in the book.

Lastly, we have an introduction into the couple for book three, Nick and Shaya. Nick is the alpha of an alliance pack. Shaya is Taryn’s best friend who transfers from her father’s pack to the Phoenix pack to be with her best friend. Shaya is a submissive wolf. This is the concern between the two. It will be interesting to hear how their story plays out.

The narration was just as good as in the first book. The narrator was able to pull off the funny parts and hot and sexy scenes, as well as, the heartwrenching scenes. There are much more of the agonizing scenes in this book than book one. It really showed her ability to be show this sort of tragic emotion than in the previous book.

Overall, this book is a very good story with wonderful narration. While the story is very similar to the first book, it is different enough to make the book interesting. The heroine’s stories were almost identical. The hero’s stories were not as close as the heroines, but still close. There is more sadness in this story, which gives the story more depth. I just hope that the author expands into something different in book three.

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